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Mission Kakatiya
TS to present Telangana Excellence Awards on Civil Services Day

Hyderabad: The state government is all set to institute Telangana Excellence Awards (TEX Awards) to be presented on the Independence Day this year and Civil Services Day in future on April 21st every year. The awards will be presented in the state government's flagship programmes include Mission Bhageer
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Entries called for Mission Kakatiya Media awards

Hyderabad: The Irrigation department on Thursday has called in for the entries from Journalists to give away awards for the best write ups on the much acclaimed Mission Kakatiya programme of the state government.  In a statement issued here today the OSD to Minister Sridhar Rao Deshpande said that in co
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Geotagging of 6000 lakes begins in Telangana

Hyderabad: Nearly seven thousand lakes and tanks that have not been listed so far will be Geotagged by the Irrigation department in Telangana. The process of geotagging work has commenced which would help the department officials to trace out not only its location but also the present status supported b
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Water-man of India visits Mission Kakatiya works in Mahabubnagar

Mahabubnagar: The Water Man of India and the Megasyse awardee Rajendra Singh visited the Mission Kakatiya works being under way in Kothapalli village of Hanwada mandal in Mahbubnagar district on Thursday. The Executive Engineer Narsinga Rao who accompanied the Waterman inspected the lower ayacut in Mogu
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Mission Kakatiya Media Awards Ceremony postponed

Hyderabad: Mission Kakatiya Media Awards ceremony scheduled to be held on April 25th Sunday has been postponed in view of the proposed 10th day of Journalist Dasari Ravinder's death as the Finance Minister and the Irrigation Minister themselves too are attending at Nizamabad. A decision to this effect w
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Harish appeals to own up Tanks under ‘Own Your Tank’ scheme

Hyderabad: Minister for irrigation Harish Rao appealed to all those interested NRIs, industrialists, businessmen and philanthropists to come forward to adopt small, medium and big irrigation and drinking water tanks in rural areas under 'Own Your Tank' scheme. While talking to media people in secretaria
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Harish Rao to give PPP on Mission Kakatiya in New Delhi on March 8

Hyderabad: State government's pet project Mission Kakatiya is all set to attract national attention with its power point presentation likely to be given by the Minister for Irrigation Harish Rao at a week-long national celebration on the water to be held in New Delhi on March 8.  The Union Ministry of W
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మిషన్ కాకతీయ రెండవ దశకు భారి ఎత్తున శ్రీకారం

By SK Zakir తెలంగాణ రైతుల‌కు, పంట‌పొలాల‌కు జీవ‌నాడులు మ‌న గొలుసు క‌ట్టు చెరువులు స‌మైక్య‌పాలకుల వివ‌క్ష వ‌ల్ల బోర్లు, చెరువులు, కుంట‌లే మ‌న వ్య‌వ‌సాయానికి ఆధారంగా మారాయి. వంద‌ల ఏళ్ల క్రితం తెలంగాణ‌ను పాలించిన కాక‌తీయులు, రెడ్డి రాజులు నిర్మించిన చెరువులే మ‌న‌కు ప్రాణాధార‌మ‌య్యాయి. అర‌వై ఏళ్ల నిర్ల‌క్ష్య
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