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CM To Inaugurate 400 KV Substation In Suryapet Tomorrow

Elaborate arrangements have been made for the 24-hour power supply to meet the growing future demand for the same. As part of this effort, Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao will formally inaugurate 400 KV Substation at a cost of Rs 1600 crore on the outskirts of Chivvemla in Suryapet tomorrow.

The CM KCR spoke to the CMD of TS Genco Prabhakar Rao to this effect today who explained about the efforts made by the electricity organisations to supply 24-hour power to the farm sector at a cost of Rs 12,610 Crore.

Before June 2, 2014, there were six 400 KV Substations to supply 5240 MW of power in the region. The Electricity department has estimated that to supply 24-hour power to farm and other sectors, 400 KV Substations are needed to supply 13,000 MWs and it started construction of 9 Sub Stations. So far it has completed five 400 KV Substations in Suryapet, Narsapur, Asupaka, Dindi, Maheswaram with 3980 MW capacity. Construction work is going on for four 400 KV Substations at Julurupadu, Nirmal, Kethireddy Pally, Jangaon with 3705 MW capacity.

Before the formation of the State, there were about 233 EHT line capacity substations and now 292 Substations came in use. 33/11 KV sub stations were also constructed in hundreds.  Besides the substations, 2695.25 km length 400 KV lines, 6,900 km of 220 KV lines, 10,321 KMs of 132 KV lines were set up. Before Telangana state, there was 16, 379 km length of lines and now there is 19,916 Km of lines. Moreover, new 33/11KV lines were set up for 15,000 Kms. There were 3,748 Transformers before the State’s formation and after the state’s formation 1, 724 were added making the total 5,472. Thousands of new transformers were placed to overcome the low voltage problems.

Sub Stations

At the time of the State formation: 2, 397

New Sub Stations: 514

Total Substations:                           : 2, 942

Power transformers

At the time of the State formation: 3, 748

New Power transformers: 1, 724

Total Transformers: 5, 472

Power lines

At the time of State formation:  1,56,807 Km

New lines: 19, 154 Kms

Total lines: 1, 75, 961 Kms

Distribution system in tune with demand and supply: Prabhakar Rao

The TRANSCO CMD Prabhakar Rao said that plans were formulated based on the demand for the power supply in the state the distribution is planned. To strengthen the power supply, new substations power transformers and lines were set up. He said the maximum demand as on date is 9, 600 MWs and for 24-hour power supply to the farm sector, for Lift Irrigation Schemes, Mission Bhagiratha and for the growing industrial sector there is a demand by another 50 per cent. The distribution systems are expanded as the generation has also been increased.  He said that the electricity organisations are working in accordance with the aim of the CM that 24-hour uninterrupted and quality power supply should be given to all sectors.

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