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Kedia farmers make ecological farming as ‘Way of Life’, say no to pesticide usage


By Ishteyaque Ahmed

Kedia, Bihar: In an effort to reduce the chemical pesticide usage, the farmers of Kedia in Bihar have adopted an ecological farming method and have successfully phased out chemical pesticide usage.

The project took off 3 years ago and soon assumed the shape of an inspiring model for many across the country. Its overwhelming success made 100 per cent farmers in Kedia use the similar method to avoid pesticide usage. The success of the village is visible in being 55% fertiliser free and 100% pesticide free. The entire village made the ecological farming their way of life.

A farmer from Kedia Rajkumar Yadav says “By making our own fertilisers and pest management solutions with organic, natural ingredients already available to us, we have been able to significantly reduce the input costs of our farming, but perhaps, more importantly, we can rest secure in the knowledge that we and you – are safe from the ill effects of the chemicals that would otherwise be used”.

The experiment soon reached the ears of powers-that-be in the capital city of Patna and as a result, the Agricultural Chief Secretary of Bihar Sudhir Kumar along with state and district level officers visited the village last week only to witness the magnificent transformation the farmers could achieve. And now, the state government is all set to repeat the ‘Kedia Experiment’ throughout the state.

Thanks to the efforts of the Green Peace Mission, that motivated the eco-agri champions to build rainwater harvesting structures widely in the village and make them use shallow wells instead of exploiting precious ground water. The experiment has yielded results and turned it into a ‘noble mission’ only to make agriculture not only sustainable but also protect and strengthen our ecosystem.

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