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Power Banks Raise Security Concerns At Airports

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is now-a-days facing a peculiar security problem with none other than the power banks that are being carried by the passengers. They claim that it looks like Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) during the scanning. However, they say it's only a problem with the China-made or locally made power banks. 

At least 15-20 passengers every day are being stopped for checking in the country's capital city airport for its authenticity needless to mention it as a futile exercise. This means an additional 15-30 minutes per passenger would go waste at security check as the bag is opened and all its contents checked, then the power bank is examined, and if it is okay, it is deposited and the passenger is allowed to proceed.

The passengers too are feeling jittery over the incidents. "But we can't help it. We need to establish its' authenticity', says an official of CISF at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.  

Meanwhile, the Indian aviation rules demand that power banks, a must-have accessory for travellers, have to be carried in cabin baggage and can't be checked in. Contrarily, dry cell batteries are allowed only in check-in luggage but prohibited in the cabin. Spare lithium-ion batteries have relatively lower restrictions.

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